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About the Foundation

The Sparks Foundation is a 501c3 operating foundation founded in 2008 by Liz and Dave Sparks of Houston, TX.  The Foundation works in the field of education in Santiago Atitlan, a village in the highlands of Guatemala with an indigenous Mayan population.

   On a visit to Santiago, the Sparks encountered a community school in dire straits.  This school was part of an educational system that provided little to no opportunities for its students, resulting in an inability to speak Spanish, widespread illiteracy,  and a lifetime consigned to manual labor and poverty.  The existing facilities at this time were makeshift and unsanitary.  The supplies were few and poorly stored.  The children suffered from a variety of health issues, from malnutrition to parasites to more serious undiagnosed conditions.

The foundation began as an attempt to address some of these problems.

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