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Chacayá School

The small rural community of Chacaya lies about 20 minutes by car from the town of Santiago.  It sits on the edge of Lake Atitlan, surrounded by coffee and banana plants.  The families here work the land, and education has been a luxury to them for many years.  As more children began attending the two local primary schools, it became apparent that the town was ready and willing to pursue higher education for their kids. The Sparks Foundation met with community leaders and learned that a small plot of land was set aside by consensus for this purpose.  All that was needed was a building, and TSF knew how to do that!  Two years after it was finished, the on-site computer lab was opened, and students and community members alike were able to take classes in technology. Having a basico in Chacaya enables these students to work part-time, help their families, and stay in school a few more years.  The Sparks Foundation scholarship program funds high school  programs for many of them at various towns around the lake.

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