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The scholarship program provides one measure of success for The Sparks Foundation.  We offer scholarships to students of partnering schools for basico and diversificado, the equivelant of junior high and high school.  The scholarships provide for tuition, supplies, uniforms, and fees required by various schools.   School selections are made by parents and school officials to find the best fit for each student, hence TSF students attend a variety of schools in and around Santiago Atitlan.

In 2009, one brave 6th grader from our school community accepted the challenge of going onto basico (7th grade). The lone scholar!


 Today, TSF proudly supports 70 basico students and 46 students studying at area high schools! The approximate cost for a student in basico is 350 US dollars per year, while a high school level student runs from 500 to 600 US dollars. The costs of a year of school for these students would be prohibitive to the families and very few if any of these students would have the opportunity to continue beyond primary school. The majority of the parents of these students did not have educational opportunities and are not literate.  Education for their children is a dream that is realized through a Sparks Foundation scholarship.  These families and their kids are amazing!!


University scholarships are available for those students with a dream that requires even more education.   The Sparks Foundation is currently supporting young adults studying medicine, education, business, and engineering, some on the weekends and some full time and in other cities. There are over 30 participants in the university program!!


04-Maria Susana Boron Petzey.jpg

Maria Susana Poron Petzey

I am the first daughter in my family and with great pride, a year ago I graduated from high school.  This year I will  study   school administration at the university  with the help of The Sparks Foundation. I have been able to achieve many of my goals thanks to The Sparks Foundation. 


Baltazar Daniel Sapalú Lacán

I live in Santiago Atitlán and I am seventeen years old.  I am grateful for the support I have received from The Sparks Foundation. 
 I have a great future ahead of me.

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