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A healthy child can learn.

Health and Nutrition

  The students at TSF partner primary schools receive a hot lunch everyday at school.  That’s over 400 kids eating well balanced meals prepared by local women! Kitchens built and maintained by the Foundation are used to prepare foods that include chicken, beans, eggs, and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetable. The menu is fresh, healthy, varied, and delicious.  This has been a game changer for children that come to school poorly nourished and with limited energy to concentrate! The cost of a school meal is about 80 cents US per day.  The benefits are immeasurable!


TSF partner schools have been fortunate to receive health services from a variety organizations such as Mayanza and BEAMS in Guatemala that provide yearly screenings, dental treatments, and parasite treatment.

Because of our collaboration with these US based NGO’s,  TSF kids can receive timely medical care when a problem arises!

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